“Dental One Staffing’s  reputation was built on integrity, dependability, and professionalism” Christine Cera, “Chris ” Staffing Director, CEO Since 1990.

 With the ever changing world in technology and social media the staffing industry has been taken over therefore we have changed direction and are now focusing on “Training New Dental AssistantsWE NEVER CHARGE FEE OF PLACEMENT OF NEW DENTAL ASSISTANTS


Director & CEO, Dental One, Inc., Dental Staffing Service parent company of Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches

Ms. Cera is from Ohio and began her career as a dental assistant in high school, certified in radiology and worked in all phases of dentistry, i.e. periodontics, oral maxillary facial surgery, general, pediatric, endodontic and orthodontic dentistry. Ms. Cera has been offering individual consulting services since 1998, and practice administrator for dental offices. She has been an active member of numerous organizations, Ms. Cera supported the Dental Hygiene Society of the Palm Beaches for years and participated in the ACCDA meetings along with attending the Florida Dental Association conventions.


Ms. Cera is the founder and President of Dental One, Inc., a dental staffing service, which staffed dental personnel in dental offices in Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties, since 1990.  Her experience in dentistry and expertise of matching personnel, was a key component in staffing dental offices matching personalities and her caring about people. With success in mind she started a Dental Assisting Program affording new students to become trained in a short period of time.  With a reputation built on integrity, honesty and dependability in providing the dental community with professionals and success in the dental profession, her inspiration to see others succeed and achieve their life’s endeavors and she continues to help others build a future in providing new individuals with a career in dental assisting. She is now focused on

Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches, is a school which teaches new individuals the art of dental assisting in a very short time only 8 weeks. It has been enriching so many people’s lives with a new career as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

Existing Dental Assistants move into Florida every day and are in need of their certifications in the State of Florida. Visit the schools website on the process of obtaining your existing dental assistants their certifications as Expanded Functions/Duties/ Radiology and CPR.

Continuing on with her legacy of “empowering and helping others to succeed has been her life mission”